The Morrigan Story
     The story begins in 1996, when Szentkirályi János and Kiss László created the Morrigan band, where also played Szentkirályi Róbert on bass guitar, Nagy Ferenc on rhythm guitar and another guy on the drums (I don't recall his name). But this line-up didn't worked as they wanted.
     Laci asked me to draw the Morrigan logo and to bring some new lyrics. From that moment, my meeting with Jani, started a strong relationship and 17 new song was created easily. We regrouped the band with two other members, this way Morrigan got the following line-up: 

Lantos József (Joccó) -  Drums
Brândusan Daniel (Dane) - Bass Guitar
Szentkirályi János (Jani) - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Bándi Levente (Levi) - Vocal
     Our first recorded song was the "Shadows Of Death" in Calin Boca's own studio. Later came the "I Can't Understand" and the "Fuckin' Cops" songs. We did this quick recording for a demo tape because we wanted to participate on the "SamRock" rock contest, but we never got a chance to be there.
     In November, 1996 we played our first and only live representation in Jibou, a nearby city from Zalau (where also played "The Chains" and "Epic" bands). We made there some fans but this wasn't enough to make the big start.
     The stealing of our music instruments stopped us to finalize the demo project and we entered in a musical and a personal crisis. We tried to save what remained, but when Jani leaved the band, Morrigan was self destructed.
     Maybe we were stopped from a big start, but this thing we will never know. So this is the reason why I made this tribute to the Morrigan band in hope to reborn our dreams to make it real!
Album Guide: Morrigan - Rebellion
     The Morrigan songs combines the devastating sound of Thrash Metal with the romance of the Hard Rock ballads. Nothing i's more accurate than a heart-ripping song about our pain in love, or the anger about being helpless and/or living your life in loneliness. 
    Between 1996 and 1997 the Morrigan band has tried to survive the 'Garage-Days'. This 'Garage-Days' were that time when we played in the garage of Jani's father, where he had about 3 big cask full of red vine. So you can guess the hard times we had in that period. Some of these songs (Fuckin' Cops, Too Late, Suicidal Simone, I Can't Understand, Shadows Of Death, The Creator, Far Away, Crime's Label, Sins, Don't Fuck With My Bad Side, Maris and Pionierul) were written in those conditions. Other songs (like Confession, Helpless and The Dream) were written the time before Morrigan, between 1993-1995 and was included in the band. Some songs were made after the Morrigan crash, 1997-1999 (Agony, The Damned and Escape From Nowhere). These are simple songs, but hard as a rock!

     After the band was terminated, all the songs remained just some good ideas and nothing more. So I was thinkin' to recreate all these songs in the sweet memory of the Morrigan band, but the major problem was the lack of an existing studio. My first real chance was a music or sampler program called 'Dance e-Jay 2', but I only managed to do the drums and some of the bass lines. So this idea wasn't too good, and I dropped it. Then I saw a little program named 'Cakexp' (a minimal version of Cakewalk Express), an easy to use midi editor and maker. I quickly learned how to use this program, and the recreation of the Morrigan songs became much more easier... But (again that BUT) this program uses keyboard sounds and templates, so the electric guitar sound was far from an original distorted guitar sound. Then, when I thought that I couldn't do it better, a small, but powerful midi-song called 'wah' resolved all of my problems. This song contains a 'sysex bank' (it means a configuration or effect that can be loaded in a song) which transforms the cheap guitar sound in an almost original distorted guitar sound.

     At this point, all the songs were finished, and the new guitar sound combined with the "Yamaha S-YXG 50" midi emulator, I was finally excited with this new and improved sound. The final step was to use two rhythm guitars, instead of one, to do a good quality, stereophonic sound. The only remaining part was to record my voice for each song, but for almost one year I never got the chance to fulfill this task. Then one day (one crazy day) I recorded all 18 songs in about 8-10 hours.

     So, all these songs made a 6 year journey through my head, and from some whatever ideas, these were recreated to honor the memory of the Morrigan band and those who played in it!!!  

Fuckin' Cops (Levi, Jani & Joccó)   

     This song was originally written in a simple manner, where each line of the song contained one word with similar vocals. But later (because the one-worded lines didn't fit so well) it was transcribed in a verse with more words and the chorus part was modified to a simple line.
     The instrumental part came from rearranged improvisations from the time of 'Garage-Days'. Later I added all the police, car and helicopter effects. This was the third song recorded for the demo tape that we tried to release, but never happened.

Too Late (Jani & Levi)

     This song is about a time period in Jani's life, when he tried to survive the failure of his parents marriage, and his soul was tormented by the fact that his father leaved them for another person; then he decided to manifest all that anger he felt in one song. This is how the 'Too Late' ideea was born. We wrote the lyrics together, but the instrumental part was hard to do, because Jani (who was a big Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani fan) tried to complicate his guitar parts. So there was two main lines for one song, but in the end I used my combination to this songs and I think it sounds better.

Helpless (Levi)

     This song describes a part of my life when I tried to find myself. I was young (18-19) and naiv (not that I'm not even now after all these years) and all the failure regarding one girl exploded in this special song for me.
     The first verse is about the battle to survive in this harsh world, in the second part I talk about her and in the third verse I blame her for all the pain I suffered while we were together.
     This song was the only one I wrote all by myself before Morrigan, but Jani like it very much.

Confession (To Michelle) (Levi, Jani, Joccó & Dane)

     This was one of my first songs that I wrote before Morrigan. The interesting part is that while the lyrics remained unchanged (except the "I'm break down-Fallin' down" part), the instrumental part suffered several changes until the day I meet Jani. He was playing on his guitar while I singing this song and in matter of a few minutes the song was created.
Much later, Jocco and Dane put their marks on the final form of the song.
     This song is about Michelle, who was a girlfriend from the 'Garage-Days' (initially I didn't wrote this song for her), and for the special times we were together, this song is dedicated to her.

Suicidal Simone (Levi, Jani & Joccó)

     Simona was the sister of a friend in the army, although I never met this girl, we corresponded for a short time. I liked her style and the black humor about "this world sucks" and "this life sucks". As she said, she never "stop thinkin' of suicide"; that's why I called her 'Suicidal Simone'. I don't know if she is still alive, but I guess she's not dead, because she was too young then (in 1995) and this might be a part of that craziness we call youth.
     The instrumental part was made by Jani, then processed by all of us.

I Can't Understand (István, Levi, Jani & Joccó)

     I don't know why Jani was so obsessed about war, because all the lyrics he wrote before Morrigan had 'war' as the center piece. He wrote the text in collaboration with one of his friends, Istvan, but the instrumental part is a collective result of the Morrigan band. 
     Later I added the war effects.
     This was the second song we wanted to be on that demo tape.

Shadows Of Death (Csabi, Levi, Jani & Joccó)

     This was another of the Jani's war-songs, but I made lots of adjustment to it. I rewrote the lyrics by inserting some lines from a friend's creation (Csabi was a classmate who was also an indirect co-writer of "The Damned" song).
     The instrumental part is so powerful and simple, it can rip your heart apart like a nasty bitch.
     This was the first song recorded for the demo tape and, as our friends said, this was the center piece of the Morrigan band.

Agony (Levi)

     This is a Morrigan after song, and this is directly related to Michelle and another girlfriend, Erika. This is about the time before I break up with Michelle and I tried to manage myself with this girlfriend, Erika (I meet her long before Michelle). 
     This song is about the battle between good and bad (that's inside of everyone), and it seems that the only way to escape is suicide. But in reality the things were different, there was no sign of suicide, I just insert it as a strange fantasy.

The Creator (Levi & Jani)

     The idea of the lyrics for this song camed in one night, then the second day I complete it. The instrumental part was made much later, and in the final version I added that intro part with the rhythm section. 
     So, this is a song about the power of creation that contain all of our good and bad sides.

Far Away (Levi, Jani & Joccó)

     This song is dedicated to the mother of Jani's ex-girlfriend, Simona (she's not that "Suicidal Simone"). Jani was moved by the death of Simona's mother, and he wrote some lyrics about that car accident. I didn't liked that lyrics, so I wrote others, where I narrate the event as I was Simona (in fact, Simona's mother wasn't driven that car, but I tried to describe the emotional connection between them).
     The first steps of the instrumental part was made with improvizations of Jani and Jocco, then it was finalized with collective help.

Crime's Label (Levi, Jani & Joccó)

     For this song Jani brought the lyrics from (as he said) a known hungarian poet, but his translation was poor, so I made some adjustments on it. The song line is Jani's idea and it was modified with Joccó's help.
     This song is about our duality in all things we make. But as we know the strongest and the easiest is the bad side because is the most likely for us and it's in our nature. The good side is the hard way but the most rewarding and there's not too much people that is living for it.

The Dream (Levi & Jani)

     This is one of my songs that a wrote it before Morrigan, and it's about of our fear of death. The lyrics shows an imaginary 'this is the end?' like story full of our fears and phobias, about our need of the physical world and all the pain we love.
     The instrumental part was made by Jani and Joccó and with a little help from me. Later I added the intro and outro parts with the effects.

Sins (Vasi, Jani & Levi)

     The song's lyrics was written by Jani's neighbour, Vasy, then I made small adjustment on it.
     The instrumental is a work of Jani, but he ain't liked too much. I loved the simple and rhythmical parts of it, so the song wasn't changed.
     This is about the untruth world where we live, where 'everybody steel from everywhere' and 'somebody kill but nobody hear'. But we forget that not the world is wrong but our actions are.

Don't Fuck With My Bad Side* (Levi & Echinox)

     I wrote the lyrics long before the band, and later we put some instrumentals, but this song was never finalized.
     After the band has broken, I singed in another band called Echinox where this song was made in it's final stage. The lyrics spoke about the way we fall in love, then it came the failure and because of this how we reject everybody around us.
     The idea of the song is that we must stand up after the fall and continue our life.

The Damned (Csabi, Laci & Levi)

     This song is a work of three classmates. 
     The original lyrics was written by Csabi about the fight with his mother, then Laci's got an idea and made a story about the lyrics. The ideea was about a boy that leaves his home and become from a thief a murderer, and after a war he is sentenced to death for his genocides. But Laci didn't finalized the lyrics and he give it to me so I make the third verse and the adjustments for the other two verse.
     The instrumental part is my own creation.

Escape From Nowhere (Levi & Jani)

     This song was written after I meet Jani, but we never worked on this. After the crash of the band I wrote the lyrics and made major adjustment on the instrumental parts.
     This song is about our tendencies of being bad and hysterical but full of black humour.

Maris (Bonus Track) (Levi, Jani & Action)

     The idea for this song came after I was in a trip where there was a guy called Action (or Buddha) and he singed a song with three notes and one word: Maris. Then I wrote with Jani some lyrics with hard words about this imaginary Maris.
     The instrumental part we made was similar with the original one, but later I made this punk-like version and I think this is the best way to describe that bitch.

Pionierul (Bonus Track) (Csabi, Jani & Levi)

     The idea for this song was of my biggest brother, Csabi and is related to the past of the Golden Era of our beloved country.
     The instrumental part is a work of Jani with simple and heart beating rhythm.
     The lyrics spokes about how proud we was of being pioneers.

     Now Morrigan is just a dream (good or bad), but for me was one of my biggest challenge in my life and I think this was one of that part of my life that I loved it from one end to the other. 
     So this songs are dedicated to all of the peoples that helped and sustained us.

Thanks And Trademark

      We would like to thank to our parents, friends, girlfriends, enemies, neighbours and bitches 'cause they have supported that fuckin' noise we made!

                                         "Rock until the end!"  

      WARNING: All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording prohibited.

     "Morrigan", "Morrigan's Rebellion", the Morrigan logos, all of the presented songs and lyrics, the "Black Horse Studio" name and his logo are trademark of "Rafal Works"


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