Boba Fett
     I was always a big Star Wars fan, and Boba Fett was one of the best and coolest characters of the SW Universe. His appearance was short, but so powerful and well defined, that (although he started as a secondary character) fans raised (and praised) him to levels that even George Lucas wasn't prepared.

     My 'real' meeting with Boba Fett was almost 2 years ago, when I found a pepakura file with the iconic T-visored helmet, and after a semi-failed attempt, I found a great community that is mostly focused on the Boba Fett costume. This site/forum is THE DENTED HELMET (you can find it here), named by one of the helmet's physical characteristics, more exactly the dent located on the front-left side of the dome. The knowledge of this particular character on this forum is so vast and well described, that once you are caught in reading all those amazing threads and all the conversations with great members, you will never want to leave that place.


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